Let Us Cherish One Another, 2023

Being an artist in London, one of the biggest capitals, is both exhilarating and challenging.
How does one stay sane amidst the competitive nature of this industry? Creativity is the key. Alongside commercial commissions, consistently pursuing personal projects keeps artists on their creative path. Finding support and a safe space is vital for self-care. By not being bound to paid clients, artists can freely explore their creativity.

I collaborated with Xrisitna Prompona and Niki Stevens, talented artists and dear friends. 
Together, with my constant focus on human forms and movement, we brainstormed, shot, and had a blast.

Art is therapy—a refuge for the soul. It allows artists to transcend challenges and express beauty and truth. In the demanding landscape of London's art scene, resilience, support, and belief in the power of creativity are essential. Embrace it, foster a community, and find solace and purpose in your art.
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